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SycoMaze Online Game
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This is one of the most psychadelic maze games ! Very trippy style of maze game, the walls are melting and moving as you play directions:Click on the dot with the mouse and use the mouse for controls.

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This maze game is played with endless lives which is pretty good for these free games. You never want to get stuck in a game where you are lost in a maze then have to start over again and again, it gets very frustrating. To play this game you click the UFO, then you navigate the UFO with your mouse through the maze. You collect as many items as necessary and you reach the purple planet which is your goal to beat the level. This game has a pretty easy learning curve and you should pick it up pretty quickly.

Screen Shot

You can see this game has some decent graphics. Actually better than most of the other maze games we have posted on the site Over all this game gets a good score, it is very unique and some care was taken when creating it.  


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