Overhead Persistence Maze

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Overhead Persistence Maze
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Various maze games but you can make your own. Play the persistence campaign or make your own levels and play them. directions:Pretty simple to play, Just use your mouse and do not touch the sides.

Overhead Persistence- Walkthrough

Overhead presistence is a great maze game for the masses. People who are here looking for maze games are usually looking for games just like this one based on feedback we have received over the years. When you hit the walls of the maze levels you will see the screen turn red and it gives a whipping noise. This is not what you want when you are mazing throught.

How to play

Your goal is simple- Guide you mouse carefully through each maze, without hitting the sides! take it slow, as you will find each maze scross as your mouse moves. NEVER CLICK! Even at the end hover over the end and it will take you out of the maze level. Also never press enter nor space. You will find no irregular overhead obstacles. Press space or enter to return to the main maze menu at any time.

Screen Shots

From the screen shot alone you can tell this game has great graphics. The designers have taken special care to make sure the mazes are very easy on the eyes. This is a well constructed maze game and the sound is even pretty good as well.


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