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Neon Maze Online Game
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Very cool color changing maze game. Figure out what color you need to be to get to the areas you need to make it to. Very unique twist on a typical maze style. directions:Use the mouse to guide the cursor through the maze. Hover over other colors to change the color of the cursor.

Neon Maze- Walkthrough

after the stupid commercial you get to the actual game, made this game and they are one of the top makers of maze games on the web. We have seen many great games come from king studios over time and this one did not dissapoint. Neon maze is a color ful maze game that is fun for all ages. We think that you should greatly enjoy this one as you navigate the different maze games thoughout the levels.

How to play

Well this is a pretty neat twist for a maze game , you will need to change the color of your cursor and navigate through the maze colored walls before the challenge time is up. On each level of the mazes throughout the game you will have various maze walls that are different colors. You will be able to change the color of your cursor by different means and then you can pass through those maze walls. Find your want ot the end of the maze before the challenge time expires for maximum points, just like lightforce double maze.

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