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Get your mouse through various mazes from start to finish Typical maze style game here, pretty basic yet addicting game. directions:Click on start then get your mouse through the maze to the finish.

Online Mouse Maze- Walkthrough

When playing simple games like this sometimes all people want is a simple maze without a ton of thinking involved. The object of this game is to get through the different mazes from the start spot to the finish spot without hitting the edges of the maze games levels. You click start maze game and then you will move your mouse from start to finish. The levels like in most any games but seems especially maze games get progressively harder as you go from maze to maze. You also receive bonus points for how fast you can finish each level. Time is of the essence but don't let it hurry you through the maze so much that you hit the wall because you were going too fast. The look and feel of this game is of high quality. The creators put a great deal of effort into making sure the different maze levels looked nice.


These games are objectively really easy, guide your mouse from the start to the next areas without hitting the walls to move to the next maze level.

Screen Shots

This maze game is very easy on the eyes and the frustration level is low because it lets you start over on each individual level. That has been a complaint with some of the other maze games this one has satisfied.


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