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Maze Game 2
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Do your best in the dark in this flash game. Hey, who turned out the lights, slight twist on other maze games. directions:Use the mouse to control your little red dot.

Maze Game 2 - Walkthrough

This is as basic as it gets, click start and then use your mouse to guide the dot through the maze. You will have part of the screen lit up but will not be able to see the entire path of the maze at once. It is up to you to have a steady hand and also navigate the path of the maze to find your way out. This game requires patience and also some brains so that you can figure out which way to go. Sometimes these types of free games can be the most frustrating to play. This is a simple game, you get 3 lives total and try not to waste them on the easy levels because the mazes get tougher and tougher as you move on. Sometimes people play these types of games simply to get better at using the mouse, great game for that purpose but we think you can find more uses for it than that.

Screen Shots

This game is very simple, just do NOT touch the walls while passing through the levels. Here is a switch, it opens a door, but hurry up because the door closes really fast. You need to press the switch then hurry over to the door before it closes. This game is quite easy to play, the mazes are not super difficult but at the same time we found this game to be very fun. This is a good play!


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