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Lightforce Double Maze
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Welcome to the double maze games brought to you by lightforce. This is the prototypical maze game with a twist. You could have played some cool maze games before, but now you are playing 2 mazes at once. If you like this maze games then you will surely enjoy playing puzzle games over at the puzzle game HQ, check it out for more great flash games. directions:Use the arrow keys to make your maze moves, watch both mazes.

Double Maze Game- Walkthrough

Awesome Maze game here, you have to control 2 screens at the same time and try to solve the puzzle of the various mazes. You have to guide the 2 little light dots on the 2 screens at the same time through the different maze games levels and get them to the stars located at different places on the mazes. You can use the yellow and black colored walls to stop the lights from falling off the mazes as you find your path to the finish. This maze game is a very simplistic game, but at the same time it is done very well, it is a clever game that is very addicting. You will find that some of the mazes begin to get much more challenging as you go on.

How to play

The instructions for how to play couldn't be simpler, you just use the arrow keys on the keyboard to guide your pieces through the different maze games levels and get to your objective.

Screen Shots

These are just screen shots of a few levels of the game, they do get more and more challenging to complete the mazes as you go. We give double maze my lightforce very high scores on our maze games rating scale and we had a great deal of fun playing it and solving hte mazes.


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