Labirinto Online Maze Game

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Labirinto Online Maze Game
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Get all the balls scattered around a maze to the goal. Try to Get all the colorful shiny balls around a maze to the goal, before the time runs out. directions: Click on the ball you'd like to move with you mouse then drag it with the arrow keys.

Labirinto Walkthrough

JDS Games which is a small gaming studio, they do not put out a ton of games but we think they rock at maze games ! You can save your progress in this maze game by collecting passwords as you advance, write them down so next time you visit aja games and try to play this free game you don't have to start from level 1 again. The point of this game is to move the four balls into the green box that says 'Goal' on it. To pick what ball you want to move click on it and then move it with the arrow keys. You need to navigate over to the ball using the mouse, then click on it. Then you use the keyboards arrow keys to actually move the ball into place and get it through the maze.


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