Invisible Gauntlet

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Invisible Gauntlet
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Find your way inside the Invisible Gauntlet mazes. Use the different magical items along the way to find your path. directions:ASWD to move.

Invisible Gauntlet- Walkthrough

This game was originally made by dead-tree by bulortio but we went out and took a copy to put here on all maze games. We think this is a good reflection of a maze game and that our visitors will enjoy playing it. When you first start out this maze game you will be in a open nothing of purple, when you go through the different purple spinners they will reveal what the actual level looks like. You then need to navigate through the maze of obstacles based on what you know exists there and not forget where the different things are. When you go through the maze if you run into different obstacles you will lose. Game over, nada, done , zap over.

How to play the Gauntlet

Very easy controls, you navigate the maze using the WASD keys on your keyboard. Then look for the maze traps and try to remember where they are.

Screen Shots

This is a pretty good maze game, if you get stuck there are some cheat codes on the maze screen shots above to get you started at least to the 3rd level.  


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