Electric Mar Maze

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Electric Mar Maze
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Navigate about the electric bar crazy maze. Uh Oh, dont touch the walls as you make your way through the mazes. directions:Click on your dot and drag it without touching the walls.

Electric Bar Maze- Walkthrough

It's another don't touch the walls maze game. These maze games can be both addicting and fun and also frustrating at the same time. This electric bar game is actually made pretty well, the physics and overall look and feel of this game are much better than most of these similar types of games. We think that people looking for maze games will surely enjoy this game and have a great time playing it. This maze game keeps track of what level you are on and allows you to enter a code so you don't have to start the mazes from level 1 every time you play. It also keeps track of how many deaths you have so you can track your maze progress and how many times you have hit the maze walls while playing. Overall this is an excellent maze game and comes highly recommended.


Guide the bar through the maze of black & white wire mess without touching the maze edges. You control the maze game by dragging the bar (the square) to the goal. do not touch the maze edges ever !

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Very well made maze game with nice clean graphics. People looking to play standard maze games will surely enjoy playing the electric maze and they will find this maze game quite challenging as well.


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