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Animal Maze
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Guide your critter to the finish of the levels. In this maze game you have to build a path for your animal to make it through the pipes to the end of the board. If you like getting animals around mazes you will probably also like to play hunting games for some fun. Go shoot some animals in these awesome hunter flash games. directions:Click on the arrows and the circular piece to place the various pieces and build the correct maze.

Animal Maze - Walkthrough

This is almost like a mish mosh of animal games, tetris, and mazes all in one. You need to arrange the falling pieces in a manner that will allow your animal to pass through the maze to his/her nest without barriers. You have to solve the sort of puzzle on your path like as if you were playing some puzzle games. This game will show you the pieces that are going to be coming in the top right of the screen, if you ever should get stuck there is a restart level button at the bottom of the screen as well. The game play is pretty simple, if you enjoy mazes and you enjoy puzzles this is a good game for you.

Screen Shots

You can see all of the various pieces and how they try to screw you up as you find your path through the maze. For a basic game this can be a very fun way to pass some time. We give this maze game some high scores and recommend it for people to play when you are a bit bored.


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