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3d Maze
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Heres a cool twist, its a 3d maze game. Just when you thought you had seen it all, heres a 3d maze game to enjoy. directions:Use the arrows to rotate the board, space to move your piece.3d maze is one of the only actual three dimensional maze games we have posted on all maze games. We think you will enjoy playing it and please submit some reviews so we can update this page in the future.

3d maze - Walkthrough

The objective of this game is to lead the blue dot to the red one as fast as you can. The controls are quite easy, ignition - space, arrow keys will change course depending on the current moving direction. Shift and arrow keys and control with arrow keys will temporary 3d rotation of the labyrinth.

Screen Shots

We have never posted a 3dimensional maze before, we found this to be a very unique but also very fun game to play. The game is more difficult than most of the other mazes we have posted due to the fact that its in 3d if nothing else. This is a cool game and also it is a mind game which we found challenging.


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